A sign of life …
It is not the time for big parties…
It is hitting the entertainment industry around the world very hard.

Since mid-March, concert and dance activities have been banned in Spain and the Canary Islands, with conditions that are difficult for small businesses to meet. And the most important thing is missing: the potential guests …
Studio and rehearsal room operation is possible, provided we do not exceed the limit of ten people in Casa La Musica. Holiday for musicians. Active holiday. However, it remains to be seen how travel opportunities develop in conjunction with „risk assessment“ in Europe and the Canary Islands.
I believe that if you follow the rules, you can travel relatively risk-free …
If you are interested in holidays for musicians, rehearsals, workshops, please contact us directly, we will prepare an individual offer

We have used the lock-down period and renovated and extended as far as possible.
So there is now a very chic backstage area and a music meditation room. Photos will follow …

We will make the best of this situation as soon as possible with mini-events. At the moment the pandemic unfortunately forces us to wait with small events.
Hopefully until very soon …

La Gomera: Holidays for musicians

Stage, rehearsal-room, recording-studio 

In the Valle Gran Rey. Directly at the sea.

Workshops, events and lessons.

For children, teenagers and adults.

A sample chamber. A recording studio.

50m to the water, 200m to the beach

Your Perfect Music Vacation:

Active holiday with music.

Whether rock band, classical ensemble or electronic production.

Meeting point, concerts and opportunities.

making music on your holiday? 

Have you always wanted to hear your voice singing your favorite song? 

Have you written a song and want to immortalize it?
Are you so crazy about music that you even want to practice on your holiday?
Your children are so crazy about music that they even want to practice on holiday? You met other musicians here?
Come to Casa La Musica for a session with the holiday band …
Lessons and workshops in guitar / bass / drums / singing / keyboard / band-training Introductory courses for children and adults 

We’ve got a lot to offer, just ask …